Denko Engineering can provide any of the following products for your industrial needs:

        Current/Voltage Transformers
        Level Controls
        Obsolete Control Replacements
        P.I.D. Temperature Controls
        Pressure Sensitive Switches
        Remote Radio & I.R. Controls
        Signal/Control Cables
        Speed Switches
Data Acquisition/Signal Condititoning
        Data Acquisition Software
        Distributed I/O Systems
        Intrinsically Safe Interfaces
        Power Transducers
        Sensor Multiplexing Systems
        Sensor to Computer Interface Modules
        Signal Conditioners
Digital Indicators
        Alpha-Numeric Displays
        Digital Panel Meters
        Digital Timers
        Large Digit Displays
        Rate Indicators
        Fiberglass Enclosures
        Operator Interface Housings
        Pendant Stations
Industrial Computing
        Human-Machine Interface Software
        Industrial Computers
        Keyboard/Monitor Extenders
        Operator Interfaces
        P.C. Based Control Software
        Plant Floor Networking
        Remote Boot Equipment
        Flow Meters
        Infrared Thermometers
        Level Transmitters
        Power Monitors
        Pressure Switches
        Pressure Transmiiters
        Sheet Thickness Gauges
        Temperature Transmitters
        Thermocouples and RTD's
        Ultrasonic Level Systems
Machine Safeguarding
        Light Curtains
        Palm Buttons
        Safety Mats
        Safety Relays
        Safety Switches
        Triple Redundant Safety PLC
Motor/Motion Controls
        AC & DC Motors
        AC Motor Speed Controls
        DC Motor Speed Controls
        Digital Drive Interfaces
        Electronic Motor Brakes
        Position Transducers
        Programmable Limit Switches
        Servo Systems
        Solid State Motor Starters
        Speed/Position Synchronization
        Alternating Relays
        Ice Cube Relays
        Plug-In Base Timers
        Solid State Relays
        Capacitive Proximity Sensors
        Color Scanners
        Double Sheet Detectors
        Hot Metal Detectors
        Inductive Proximity Sensors
        Loop Scanners
        Photoelectric Sensors
        Registration Scanners
        Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors
        Weld Seam Detectors

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